Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero is a game that combines many actions and challenges. You will play a character participating in exploration in different locations. First, to start the game, you need to select a destination on the map. The route will be on a fixed schedule. After that, gamers proceed to arrange the existing items into the character's backpack. Note that you must have all the items in your bag to be able to continue your journey. The inventory size will increase after each completed mission.

Backpack Hero's game round lasts continuously through destinations on the journey map. Gamers can track progress after each challenge. Each round will have a certain number of items and opponents. The special point here is that the main character will not directly attack the enemy. Instead, the tools in the backpack will be very useful at this time. Players need smart strategies to find ways to deal with all the bad guys.


Let arrange the effective backpack

  • Use the mouse to perform the required operations on the screen.
  • Press the arrow keys to rotate the items.