Among Dash

Among Dash

The tables have turned in Among Dash, and now the Imposter has to avoid the aggressive attacks from the surviving Crewmates! In this game, players take on the role of the poor Imposter who just wants to stay alive, meaning that he has no choice but to run away. However, the problem is that the spaceship is full of hazardous obstacles, so good luck trying to keep the Imposter alive through all of that!

Among Dash features extremely thrilling and fast-paced gameplay. Similar to Geometry Dash, the Imposter can only jump at a certain height that is just enough to get through narrow obstacles and platforms. Expect things to get harder the further the Imposter is able to advance, since the number of obstacles will increase significantly. In addition, each time players begin the running session, a different obstacle course is available, so no run is the same!


To jump past obstacles, click the left mouse button. To jump consecutively, hold the left mouse button.