A Dance of Fire

A Dance of Fire is a music game with unique gameplay that challenges the players’ ability to perceive sound. You will control a pair of blue and red spheres to move through different mazes. The task is to keep these two entities in perfect balance. So how do you determine the right direction of movement? A music game will naturally rely on the rhythm of the background music. You need to press the right button with the beat so that the objects have the most accurate direction.

In addition to excellent sound perception, A Dance of Fire also requires players to react quickly because the game round is timed. Missing a move can cause your round to end because you run out of time. There is no other way but to participate many times and try to memorize the terrain of each maze. The roads are very tricky, so consulting previous players is also a way for you to learn more and improve your achievements in the game.



  • A Dance of Fire has many worlds with different maze terrains for you to explore.
  • Solving the short unlockable gameplay round can also pose certain challenges for you.
  • Each round will have an introduction as an introductory tutorial. Players can play “Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest” with fast beats that require more agility after completing the rounds.
  • Everything you need to do is make precise mouse clicks while following the music beat. Prove your musical genius and explore exciting mazes now!
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