3Dash features the dramatic journey of a cube in a magical 3D space full of dangers. If you are a fan of Geometry Dash, then definitely give 3Dash a try. No more adventures on harsh 2D maps, but in vivid three-dimensional space. The experiences in this game can make you dizzy because of their incredible difficulty.

Players will have to maneuver the character to avoid sharp spikes, saw blades, walls, and even steep slopes. Some converted portals also contribute to the diversity of gameplay but also increase the difficulty significantly. You also need to pay attention to other objects that can make the character leap, such as rings and pads.


Dash with Your Character

To get started, you need to choose a game mode and difficulty level that suit you to try and get used to. The game has two main game modes with a series of levels, from simple to complex. Your goal is to control the cube, avoiding all obstacles, to reach the finish line safely.

The main character will automatically move, and you need to click or press the spacebar for this entity to jump. Paying attention to precise key press timing is the key to winning these challenging rounds!